Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chilly weather, please be gone...Sunshine, I'm ready!

Yes, It's been a month since my last post - but who can blame me? I've been hibernating! I NEVER thought I would be saying this, but I'm over this unusual cold weather. I know the smoldering heat is not far behind, and I would usually give just about anything to escape it - but this Florida girl has thin blood and she's ready to reclaim her beach days! I'm ready to pull out that suit, pack a lunch and head to the beach from sunrise to sunset. Oh what I'd give to be on my honeymoon again, basking in the Cancun sun.....a girl can dream right?

It's been a busy month. So as I said a few posts ago, this year is a year of change - that statement remains true. With the turn of 2010, I vowed to be healthier - and don't think I'm doing it alone. Yes, I'm dragging my husband with me on my road to wellness (he's a good sport about it though :). With the help of Juice Plus+, my trusty gym membership,, and - I have all the tools I need to be successful. Juice Plus+ is a whole food based capsule that contains several servings of fruits and vegetables - providing me with all the nutrients I fail to obtain on a daily basis. It's great! I first learned about Juice Plus+ when I was a student in college from a friend of mine, Sharon. At the time, Juice Plus+ was a product that made sense to me because it was just fruits and vegetables, but wasn’t something I could afford on a monthly basis. Now, a few years later after dealing with digestive problems, asthma and many common colds, I began to do research on vitamins and natural ways to heal and protect my body. I remembered my friend, Sharon, and decided to give her a call. After doing some research, I became really interested in it – I loved the simplicity of it and the practicality of it. So here I am, a month into it and have already seen several positive results from taking it daily - my digestive system has settled, my skin is so much clearer, and my body feels so much better overall. I'm such a believer, I've become a distributor cause I want all of my friends and family to have the benefits of more fruits and veggies in their diets. :) It's been quite an adventure, but being involved with the company that sells Juice Plus+, I've become so much more educated on my health and I find myself shopping at the grocery store so much differently. It's truly been a life style change. On top of that, I've been using the websites I mentioned above to help inspire healthier meals. We're cutting meat out quite a bit (not totally, but we're definitely eating less) and we're snacking on more whole foods. I can't praise my new regimen enough - I'm loving being healthier. It's fun! While explaining my new mindset to other people has become a challenge - I get lots of strange looks from people when I tell them what I'm up to, I feel so much better about the future of my health and my family. It's a good thing. If you're interested in learning about Juice Plus+ and you're local, leave me a comment and I'll send you an invite to my Healthy Living Educational Party. If you're not local, click here to see the research behind Juice Plus+ and the benefits of adding it to your daily diet.

So that's what I've been up to. I've also been helping my hubby in the youth with the kids - that's been an adventure. We recently had a lock-in, which totally wiped us out; about 60 kids came and stayed up ALL night! It's been a busy season, but fun none-the-less. I'm anxiously awaiting my spring weather and in the mean time, sipping on lots of hot tea! Hope you're staying warm this winter. Cheers!